Area of Expertise #1 – Project Plan

My research project area of expertise (AEO) focuses on the best practices of Twitter specific to successful advertising campaigns.  Though gaining popularity quickly, Twitter is still considered an emerging social media platform among some of the top sites including Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.  Unlike Facebook, Twitter is still fairly new to most businesses which are just beginning to create accounts and figure out how to effectively convey their message in 140 characters or less.  More so, there still exists much uncertainty about how it works and its exact purpose among the “tech-savvy” Generation Y.  I believe there is much to be analyzed and uncovered about what strategies and tactics are working best for business promotion and which ones still need some more thought.

Throughout the duration of this project, I seek to answer:

  • Which corporate brands are using Twitter to actively promote their brands or products?  I want to know who is leading the way and which brands new businesses are looking to for guidance.  By researching credible articles and blogs, I am sure it will be clear who the top users are.
  • How do these companies measure Twitter effectiveness?  The need for measurement is constantly increasing and effective use of social media is no exception.  I will be looking for how the top companies are defining their success. Did they gain an overwhelming amount of followers after launching a campaign via Twitter?
  • Have any companies received recognition or awards for their use of Twitter?  My last key question will seek out what acknowledgement of outstanding Twitter use exists within the advertising industry.  Are there specific awards agencies and companies strive to earn for their work?

Though I have had a Twitter account since October 19, 2009, I would still consider myself inexperienced.  By diving further into the world of the social media platform and exploring who is doing it best, I ultimately hope to become a more confident and interactive user of the micro-blogging site.  As a senior advertising major less than a year away from graduation, I also have hopes that this knowledge will increase my awareness of and involvement in all aspects of the advertising field.

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